Here is a sneak peek of our collections!

With more than 25 years of experience in the industry, we hope to share the story of fragrances in our own way. Out of all five senses, the olfactory sense is the greatest memory stimulant. Whilst seeking to remember the good times, fragrance can enlighten / enhance the best life moments.
To appreciate the natural scents of the season, you must try our citronella candles. Our exclusive citronella infused candles are ideal for indoors or outdoors use, whatever suits you best. Citronella is an established, all-natural, insect repellent derived from the lemongrass plant's leaves and stems. By masking the smells that biting insects are drawn to it repels insects. Our citronella oils are blended to smell as great as they look, the fine fragrances come in a smooth, glazed and texture day surface as well as the leather rope tied around.
Imagine yourself strolling along a forest trail, as you bask in spring's warming sunrays. With every breath of floral blossoms you inhale, you feel closer to nature than ever. Imagine no more, because you can now enjoy spring right in your home or workplace, with our Blossom Collection.
golden hour
Inside Orientalism is inspired by the spirit of classical Oriental elements. We believe in freedom from earthly materialism and applying this principle to our collection leads to Classic, naturalistic and abstract products which flow together with simple, symbolic and mesmerizing scents. Color and textures of the vessels also alternate within the design, displaying the diversity of our materials.
pure through
New luxury that comes from generosity rather than extravagance or vanity; new modernity that enjoys a free spirit and the beauty to be found in simplicity. This collection includes simplicity, practice, modernity and even luxury. Its uncluttered, simple and easy to parse. The design lends a contemporary interpretation to this graceful collection. Bring back the vintage elegance into your home with this subtle and neutral European style. This understated charm definitely is a fitting fragrance good for posh interiors.
scented pendant
Invigorate your space with our Scented Air that is made with naturally fragrant ingredients from nature. These products will fill any space with a burst of nature-inspired freshness. Add fabulous fragrances to your home with our selection of scented oils to create ambience. Light and free, our scented creations for the home are carried on breath of air.